As we all know, the variety of wood flooring, but how do we choose the wood flooring that we like and fit for ourselves? Today we analyze the wooden floor from the price side to see which wooden floor you are more suitable for.

1. If the budget is tight, we recommend laminate flooring.
In fact, the laminate flooring is not as bad as everyone thinks, wearable, no maintenance and other performance are very good. And the choice of color is more extensive. Some good wood flooring brands, the indentation texture is quite good, the tens of square meters of color are not repeated, and also increase the anti-slip performance. As far as environmental protection is concerned, as long as the required standards are met, there is no problem.
2. Ample budget, like solid wood, you can choose solid wood flooring
The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood are obvious, the texture is natural, the foot feels comfortable, and the service life is long. But the shortcomings are also obvious, the expansion rate is large, it is the characteristics of solid wood, and requires professional maintenance.
3. If you want the color of the solid wood floor, but the budget is not enough, you can choose the parquet.

In addition to the difference in color texture, the sense of foot is not significantly improved, and the difference in price and good reinforcement are not much different. But you can get the same texture color as most solid wood. Like solid wood, there will be some defects in solid wood, and the expansion ratio is improved.

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