With the development of life, people's requirements for living and living are not only the pursuit of appearance, but also the comfort. Wood flooring is one of the first choices for home flooring. Wood flooring has good durability, environmental protection, beauty, comfort, good foot feeling, and the advantages of warm winter and cool summer. Therefore, it is very popular among everyone. So what are the types of wooden flooring? What difference do they have? Let us take a look.

Solid wood floor

Solid wood refers to the floor decoration material that is formed after the wood has been dried and processed. The biggest feature of pure solid wood flooring is environmentally friendly. Because it is made of a whole piece of wood, it does not need to be glued, the environmental protection is quite good, and the normal solid wood floor will have some trees fragrance, which makes people feel like being outside and coming to the forest. And the wood floor has a wood texture that looks very pleasing to the eye. However, compared with other wooden floors, the price of solid wood flooring is slightly more expensive for high-end decoration, thus enhancing the taste of decoration.

Laminate flooring

The solid wood panel, the core board and the bottom board are arranged in a crisscross pattern, glued together, and pressed into a board at a high temperature. Due to the special structure, all have good stability, compared to solid wood flooring, the price will be cheaper.

Strengthen the floor

Reinforced flooring, also known as laminate flooring, is similar in structure to composite flooring, made of high-density material, and consists of a decorative surface and a bottom layer. The biggest feature of the laminate flooring is the advantages of abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and impact resistance. In terms of price, it is also cheaper than solid wood flooring.

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